You all good? Good. Been meaning to get this site live since late 2013. Had it ready to go in the background and everything, missed my hosting renewal and had to upload everything again which was a buggar. Been a hectic 18 months between now and then too, so not had masses of time. Go to my Profile page to ready a load of useless nonsense about me and what I do at work every day. The store thing may throw some people off, so I'll run through it here a bit in a little bit. To see work, click on Projects and have fun deciphering what's what. Bit different on there but that's half the fun. This page is where you'll find any all important news that I won't put on Twitter or Instagram — or it'll be news I will put on there but elaborate on here. There will be links from there to here so no need to bookmark (ha) and it'll all flow fluently like it's all supposed to.

But yeah, let me explain this store thing. So, last summer I opened a clothing store with two really good friends. We're in the city centre of Stoke–on–Trent, and we sell streetwear, sneakers and artist supplies to anyone who wants to buy them. We also have a gallery and screen print workshop on the first floor of our building. Along with those things, we run a legal graffiti tunnel and project manage a city-wide mural programme. Loads to keep us busy. A few people think it's weird I co-own a shop, being a graphic designer and all, but let me tell you why it's not. For one, it's not. Second, it allows me to have a huge creative output of which the client is myself and my friends, which is mint. Thirdly, I'm into everything that the store is about — the culture plays a huge part in my life. I get to meet amazing artists, designers and practitioners through all of our projects — everyone knows how important that network of people you know is. Lastly, it's a fresh challenge.

I've never run a shop before, but I did run a design studio for 3 years. Turns out I wasn't ready for the design studio thing just yet, but I'll never say never again. Would love another pop at it one day when I'm more business savvy — and the shop will allow me to learn that kind of stuff and I can keep on being a designer throughout the whole process. Now I feel you know everything there is to know about me! There's still a few bits left to uncover though, but let's go for a beer if you want to find out more, yeah?